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 intelligent crane
What Is The True Kingda Intelligent Crane?
intelligent cranes have artificial intelligence, which replaces or assists human mental labor on the basis of replacing human physical labor.
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truss manipulator
Kingda Crane Truss Manipulator
Gantry crane, to be key lifting equipment, can service your business outdoor or indoor in single girder or double girder.
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crane wheel
How are crane wheels processed in Kingda crane?
Introduction to processing technology of crane wheel
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electromagnet crane with slewing trolley
How is Electromagnet Crane‘s Slewing Trolley Processed?
To electromagnet crane, there is a special component”slewing trolley”, Well, how is slewing mechanism been processed?
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planetary drive crane
What‘s The Advantages of Planetary Drive Crane?
Planetary Drive Introduction of Overhead Crane and Gantry Crane
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grab overhead crane for garbage
Grab Overhead Crane for Garbage
grab overhead crane for garbage is a key facility for waste incineration power generation project and waste to energy industry..
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How Many Kingda Metallurgy Cranes Will be Used in Metallurgic Process?
Kingda Metallurgy crane mainly used for metal smelting (ironmaking and steelmaking), rolling process (hot rolling and cool rolling) and hot working, it is a special purpose crane.
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Kingda crane waste-handling-grab-crane
Waste Handling Grab Crane Technical Analysis
Waste handling grab crane is a tailored lifting equipment for refuse incineration power plant, Waste to energy power plant or biomass co-generation plant. The crane uses grab to picking up- transporting-feeding-weighting waste and sludge, depositing into incineration furnace. Waste handling grab crane can be operated in automatic and intelligent mode, improve waste handling efficiency and safety.
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Intelligent double girder grab crane for slag handling
How a Intelligent Double Girder Grab Crane Handles Slag in Steel-Making Plant ?
Intelligent double girder grab crane for slag handling is a new type lifting crane, it can be controlled by cab, by radio, by semi-automatic, by full automatic or central control room. Fitted with 3D scanner, motor encoder, PLC, data communication system and central processing system, it becomes a independent operation equipment, no need personal assistance, high efficiency, cost-saving.
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