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Kingda Crane 550 ton Headroom Gantry Crane Load Test

DATE: Apr 11th, 2024
Developed and produced independently by Kingda crane
550 ton headroom gantry crane
 At  project site in Guangdong
Successfully completed the load test

Gantry crane lifting capacity 550t 
Trolley rail gauge 10m
Refresh Kingda crane's record in
Max. lifting capacity of doudle girder U type gantry crane
  Technical characteristics                                      
1 The main lifting mechanism adopts 275+275t double lifting points, which can work independently or simultaneously. It is equipped with synchronous control function, which can achieve simultaneous lifting and lowering;
2 Each mechanism adopts frequency converter+ PLC control, to achieve slow speed under full load and fast speed when it is light load. Smooth lifting and traveling, low impact, and low noise;
3 The crane adopts lightweight design, and the steel structure adopts finite element analysis design to meet the requirements of strength and stiffness. The structure is compact, lightweight, with smal wheel pressure and low energy consumption;
4 Long travel mechanism adopts a combination structure of multi-level balance beams and bogie, and the bofie is connected to the balance beam with a Huff joint to ensure uniform force distribution on all wheels.

  Recent years, Kingda crane has persisted in innovation driven development, striving to overcome key technological challenges in high-end, intelligent, and green development. Its products have been widely used in national key projects such as the Olympic Games, the West East Gas Pipeline, the South to North Water Diversion Project, and the Hangzhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge.  
  In the new economic situation, Kingda crane fully utilizes its own resources and industrial advantages, focusing on the development direction of "internationalization, digitization, intelligence, and greening", making new contributions to promoting the sustained high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

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