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Explosion Proof Overhead Traveling Crane for Sichuan Hong Yuan 100,000.00 tons High-Purity Crystalline Silicon Project

DATE: Apr 3rd, 2023
Project Name: Sichuan Hong yuan 100,000.00 tons high-purity crystalline silicon project
Country: China
Industry: Photovoltaic industry
Crane Type: double girder
explosion proof overhead traveling crane

In the past March, Kingda crane have finished the installation and commission of 54 sets double girder explosion proof overhead traveling crane
 for Sichuan Hong yuan 100,000.00 tons high-purity crystalline silicon project, all those crane belong to dust ignition/dust proof double girder overhead traveling crane, and at the same time, it marks Kingda crane achieved a great break and lifting equipment innovation in Photovoltaic industry.

Explosion proof overhead traveling crane technology advantages:
  1. Light dead weight, covering cleaning and explosion proof double working condition, high customized level;
  2.  Apply intrinsic safe and Exd ( flameproof type) component, strong ability to adapt to the environment, high explosion proof level;
  3.  Frequency inverter controlled speed, smooth running, develop all required smart hardware, high versatility;
  4.  Equipped with exclusive use dust-recovery permanent magnet device, corrosion proof- anti static painting, avoiding particulate pollution.

 Recently years, along with kingda cranes improvement of comprehensive strength on R&D, technical innovation, intelligent manufacturing and key project, we put high emphasis on the development of  high-accuracy crane , fully-automatic crane  and  energy-saving crane, to fulfill high quality grow from powerful to advanced.

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