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Kingda 500 Tons Gantry Crane for Highway-Railway Construction

DATE: Apr 7th, 2024
Made by Kingda crane
500t gantry crane
Assist China highway-railway construction
 Ma'anshan Yangtze River Highway and Railway Bridge
The first round of overall assembly  passed acceptance of Z3 steel tower
This marks a new breakthrough in China's bridge construction!

  As an important equipment supplier for this super project, Kingda crane has undertaken more than 10 sets of high-quality cranes, including 500t and 400t gantry crane, all of which are used for the lifting of bridge structures, such as the main steel tower of the project, providing strong support for the construction of the Yangtze River Highway and Railway Construction.  

  It is reported that the bridge adopts a three tower and two main spans design, with a single span of 1120 meters and a double span continuous span of 2240 meters, making it the world's largest span three tower cable-stayed bridge.

  After assisting national level bridge projects such as the Jianzhou Bridge, Changtai Yangtze River Bridge, and Zhangjinggao Yangtze River Bridge, Kingda crane have once again shouldered the heavy responsibility of "building a great country with intelligence".

  With outstanding intelligence capabilities, advanced technological advantages, and perfect service quality, they have accelerated the construction of the Ma'anshan Yangtze River Highway and Railway Bridge, contributing kingda strength to the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta.


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