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Double Girder Slab Tongs Overhead Crane

DATE: Aug 15th, 2022

Recently, 50T+50T slab tongs crane made by our factory put into running after 1 month commissioning. This double girder Slab Tongs Crane is servicing for Rizhao Iron and steel plant. This double girder Slab Tongs overhead crane employs motor-driven control-position Slab tongs, and been equipped with multiple detection-sensor system, digital speed adjustment system, automatic control system, gaining breakthrough in innovation contents, pressing accelerator key for steel plant, achieving output-benefit double harvest, to be right-hand for steel plant.

Double Girder Slab Tongs Overhead Crane                                          Double Girder Slab Tongs Overhead Crane

Full Automation Slab Tongs Crane’s advantage:
  • Considering the crane run under high-temperature and high-radiation, and slab’s surface temperature can up to more than 650 ℃,crane supplier use massive high-strength material  at design stage to improve crane’s service life; Also, electrical engineers employ digital speed adjustment device and guiding device , making the crane running in smooth, and positioning in accurate.
  • PLC control, weighting system, fault display and positioning device, many kinds of detecting device and sensor system are used in double girder Slab Tongs overhead crane, providing technical foundation for automation control upgrading in the future.
  • ► Basing on humanity, Slab Tongs overhead crane not only can improve operating performance, but also is added multiple- aspect maintenance-free design at the same time, utmost reducing end user’s maintenance requirement.
This Slab Tongs Overhead Crane’s successful running greatly caters for crane’s trend: big lifting Tons, big span, high speed and automation, adding a new star product for our factory.
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