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3 Sets 3.2t+3.2t Single Girder Double Hoist Overhead Anti-Corrosion Crane are Installed in Australia User’s Workshop

DATE: Nov 25th, 2022
Project Name: 3 sets 3.2t+3.2t single girder double hoist overhead anti-corrosion crane are installed in Australia user’s workshop
Country: Australia
Industry: Galvanizing workshop /Zinc plating factory
Crane Type: single girder double hoist overhead anti-corrosion crane

NEPEAN BUILDING &INFRASTRUCTURE is a privately owned global organization and industry leader in mining equipment ans industrial manufacturing in Australia.
Those 3 single girder double hoist overhead (EOT) crane sets crane are fo
r galvanizing shop. In the shop, acid mist is filled with every corn, gas corrosion is the most problem for all equipment working in the workshop. Following NEPEAN’s requirements: applying all possible measures to prevent gas acid mist on mechanical parts and electrical parts.

Kingda crane always focus on customized crane on special convenient, provide professional-safety-high efficiency lifting solutions for user’s business. Depending acid mist, we solve problem in 2 aspects mainly: mechanism and electrical appliance. To mechanism, painting thickness up to 600μm,total 6 layers with epoxy zinc rich primer; To electrical appliance, all electric control’s material used fibber glass to anti corrosion, not the traditional metal enclosure, and all electric wire go through steel tube with no any naked. Also, during design period, our engineer tried best to avoid using rubber material to those 3 sets single girder overhead double hoist crane, toughened glass and galvanized steel were used mostly to prevent any corrosive factor.

Now, those 3 cranes has been finished installation in user’s workshop and running in good performance.

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