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4 Sets Hoist Trolley for Double Girder Crane Will Service for South Korea User

DATE: Apr 23rd, 2023
Project Name: 3 sets 40/10t hoist trolley and 1 set 50/10t hoist trolley for double girder EOT crane
Country: South Korea
Industry: Industry manufacturing

Crane Type: Hoist trolley with double hook


In 19th April, in kingda crane’s hoist assembling workshop, 4 sets new hoist trolleys for double girder EOT crane are ready to be shipped to shanghai port for our South Korea user. Hoist trolleys detailed technical parameter as follows:
Equipment Name Main hook
Lifting Capacity
Aux. Hook
Lifting Capacity
Lifting Height Main Hook
Lifting Speed
Aux. Hook
Lifting Speed
Cross Travel Speed Working Class
(t) (t) (m) (m/min) (m/min) (m/min) (ISO)
Hoist trolley 40 10 12 0-4.1 5/0.83 2-20 M5
Hoist trolley 50 10 12 0-3.2 5/0.83 2-20 M5

For those hoist trolleys, the design strictly follows relevant FEM standards, steady running and low noise, lifting time lubricating(within safety service circle) and double-disk electromagnetic brake, is one of most advanced hoisting mechanism in the world. Also, we use the highest configuration for our hoist trolley, details as follows:
Motor  Frequency inverter Electrical component  Wire rope  Hook 
SEW ABB/Schneider/YASKAWA ABB/Schneider galvanizing forged

Due to high freight fee and raising port fee for oversea trading, all crane equipment importers are trying and seeking for the measurement to reduce importing fee and aim to let them products more competitive in local market. Crane is a big equipment, needing big space for shipment (land shipment or sea shipment), it also means high charges for marine transport. But, difficulty never stop clever and hard-working human‘s step.

Recent years, some Middle- East end user are attempting to machine the main girder and end carriage in local, only import hoisting mechanism/ hoist trolley from oversea, results shows they are right. Through the tight communication, guidance and many many pieces technical drawing by kingda crane, the end user finally assembling the qualified crane machine in their own workshop.

Kingda crane, to be one of top crane manufacture in china, not only focus on whole crane equipment, but also, provide lifting solution, technical proposal and hoisting mechanism for your business.

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