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Double Beam Overhead Crane Pass A Inspection Before Delivering to End User

DATE: May 9th, 2020
From 8th to 9th May, the Baosteel Equipment and Materials Procurement Center organized Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., inspecting the cranes (double beam overhead crane) manufactured by Kingda crane. All inspection data met the requirements of the A-inspection outline and fully met user's drawings and design requirements.

The inspection team reviewed "crane self inspection report", "material report", and "flaw detection report"  for double beam overhead crane written by our company , and conducted equipment static inspection, equipment dynamic inspection, and equipment structural size inspection on each crane. According to the technical agreement, drawings, and inspection outline, a no-load power on test was conducted.


Double beam overhead crane A inspection was led by Hu Shengchao, the executive vice general manager of the company, and relevant personnel from the process department, technical department, quality assurance department, production and production team were organized to cooperate with the A inspection experts. Every step was carefully carried out, and details were strictly controlled. Over the course of two days, A inspection work achieved a complete success. Experts acknowledge our company's design and manufacturing processes, as well as our excellent product quality.
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