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750T Double Girder Gantry Crane Passed Loading Test in Zhoushan port,China

DATE: Sep 1st, 2023

Project Name: 750t double girder gantry crane service for China Shipyard Port construction
Country: China
Industry: Shipyard 
Crane Type: double girder gantry crane
Crane Mode: MG 750t(375/50t+375t) ,span=55m, lifting height=46m

In 18th Oct. 2023, one set 750t double girder gantry crane was erected and passed loading test on China Zhoushan shipyard port. This gantry crane adopts double trolley and double lifting point(375t+375t), also equipped with trolley maintenance hook:50t gantry on the main girder.  Under witness of government regulatory agencies, the loading test was carried out successfully, and the crane will service for the shipbuilding in the next step. For crane's detailed information, please see the following;
Kingda Crane Services for China Shipyard Construction
750t Double Girder Gantry Crane
Formly Put Into Service

Multiple Protection, Guarantee Safety
Whole set crane is equipped with security monitoring
PLC+ frequency converter communication control
Synchronous control of multiple lifting points, automatically balance adjust
More stable, More safe, More reliable

Intelligent positioning, Accurate and More efficient
According to the special working condition requirements of the project 
Adopting single side - dual rail design
Synchronous control of multiple lifting points, automatically balance adjust
Effectively reducing long travel wheel pressure
Equipped with automatic positioning system
More precise and efficient

Energy Saving, Smoother lifting
Using special high-strength steel
Not only can ensure structure safety
Also able to operate continuously under equivalent loading consitions
Improve lifting efficiency
Crane power supply: high voltage 10kv 
Automatic recovery of electrical energy the lifting object descent
Energy saving up to 25-30%

Kingda Crane focus on the advantage of intelliegnce, greenization, high quality developement, continuously promote the upgrading from strength to prcision, contributing to the high quality development of lifting equipment industry.

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