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Intelligent Warehouse Stacker Crane

DATE: Nov 22nd, 2023

Automated stereoscopic warehouse is an advanced warehousing mode and the direction of logistics technology development. The key equipment in an automated stereoscopic warehouse is the stacker crane. Kingda intelligent warehouse stacker crane can greatly improve the area and space utilization of the warehouse, reduce manual intervention, and effectively improve the operation efficiency and automation level of the storage system.

Product Introduction

Kingda light intelligent warehouse stacker crane is a key lifting and transportating equipment in a three-dimensional warehouse, representing the characteristics of a three-dimensional warehouse. The main function of a lightweight intelligent stacker crane is to run back and forth within the passageways of a three-dimensional warehouse, storing goods located at the entrance of the alley into the cargo  shelves compartments, or transporting goods from compartments to the entrance of the alley.

Product Introduction
1. High work efficiency
Stacker crane is a specialized equipment for three-dimensional warehouses, with high handling speed and cargo storaging and retrievaling speed, which can complete inbound and outbound operations in a short period.
2. Improve warehouse utilization
Stacker crane has a small size and can operate in narrow tunnels. It is also suitable for high-rise shelf operations and can improve warehouse utilization.
3. High automation level
Stacker crane can be remotely controlled, and the operation process does not require manual intervention. It has a high degree of automation and is easy to manage.
3. Perfect stability
Stacker cranes have high reliability and good stability during operation.

Operation mode
Kingda intelligent warehouse stacker crane can be customized with various operating modes, such as manual control, semi-automatic control, and fully automatic control, to meet the needs of customers in different environments.

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