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160t Metallurgy Double Girder Overhead Casting/Ladle Crane is Inspected by the End User in kingda Crane Manufacturing Workshop

DATE: Mar 4th, 2022

Quality improvement month, big projects come to fruition. From February 28th to March 4th, the expert team of Meigang Project  conducted an acceptance inspection on Kingda crane mafacturing workshop for 160 ton metallurgy doubel girder overhead casting/ladle crane. The quality control was strict, the equipment was in good condition, it met the contract technical agreement and A-inspection outline standards. It successfully passed the expert A-inspection!


The experts of the Meigang project team reviewed the self inspection records, material reports, and other materials of the metallurgy doubel girder overhead casting/ladle cranes, measured their trolley structure, bridge structure, assembly of cross and long travel mechanism, and completed the no-load electrification test too. After actual operation, the equipment is in good condition, the product performance is superior, and all energy consumption indicators have reached the advanced level in China. The expert team of Meigang project highly praised our company's effectiveness in quality control, crane design and manufacturing technology, and excellent product quality.


This A inspection was organized by the company's major project office, including personnel from the process department, technology department, quality assurance department, production department, and production team, to cooperate with the A inspection and strictly control the details. The A inspection work was successfully completed.

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