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How are crane wheels processed in Kingda crane?

DATE: Apr 26th, 2024
In Kingda crane, more than 100,000 sets cranes are manufactured and assemblyed every year,  products cover: electric hoist, single-double girder overehead crane, single-double gantry crane and crane spare parts. 
For crane's key component - traveling wheel, it plays very important role to crane's performance. We not only have to insure enough crane wheels to satisfy the workshop assembly, but aslo have to guarantee wheel's quality and hardness. while, how are crane wheels processed in Kingda Crane?
1 Crane Wheel Forging

2 Crane Wheel Machining


3 Crane Wheel Quenching and Tempering
Heating, quenching, tempering
Automatic production line of entirety integrated quenching and tempering displays its skill to the full.
Quenching and tempering treatment is a commonly used heat treatment process, What kind of effect can be achieved after quenching and  tempering?  Let's take a look!
In kingda crane No. 5 workshop, Integrated quenching and tempering automated production line is loacted here,
  It mainly consists of 
1. four heating and insulation furnace boxes,
2. automatic transfer forklifts,
3. quenching tanks
After completing rough machining of the workpiece, We have arrived at our integrated quenching and tempering automated production line
High usage rate
A single heating furnace can accommodate 5 tons of workpieces at once
Tempered workpiece
high strength
excellent toughness, plasticity
Good comprehensive mechanical performance

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