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How is Electromagnet Crane‘s Slewing Trolley Processed?

DATE: Apr 25th, 2024
Rcently, our orders for electromagnet crane with slewing trolley have been surging. In this type crane, there is a special component ”slewing trolley”, Well, how is slewing mechanism been processed?

First step: Welding
workers need to weld circular rail and under layer trolley together. 



Second step: Milling and cutting
After welding, the workpiece will come to  CNC fixed beam gantry mobile boring and milling machining center.
Here, it will take dozens of hours and several rounds of milling process.


Third step: Surface quenching
 Surface quenching will be carried out according to the process requirements.
♦ Do you believe it,  the surface quenching of large diameter circular rail is completed by Kingda crane's
automated rotary quenching machine.
♦ Three wheels driven under the supporting legs can assist travel
♦ Only one person is needed, to complete the quenching process independently.
♦ The sensor can
instantly heat up, also can instantly cool down, Hardening depth is easy to control.
♦ Be even quality and Efficient quenching has been achieved.
♦ The quenching process is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, achieving a dual robustness of efficiency and environmental protection
After cooling
► The martensitic structure in the quenched layer is fine
► Good mechanical performance
► Optimized the surface structure of the workpiece

Fourth step: Assembling
After quenching is completed, come here for assembly. 
The scene of trolley after been assembly is quite impressive.

 Only one slewing trolley, need to go through so many processing steps. 
 It is really link by link, we can get best quality product.  
Advanced equipment is used to process high-quality products
high-quality products forge"Kingda crane‘ 
we will always focus on advanced technilogy and professional crane products.

Electromagnet Crane with Slewing Trolley
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