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Clean-Explosion Proof Double Girder Overhead Crane

DATE: Apr 3rd, 2023

Designed and manufactured by Kingda crane, more than 54 sets of clean-explosion proof double girder overhead crane, dust-explosion proof single girder overhead crane for 100,000.00t High purity crystalline silicon project are put into service. This marks kingda crane's significant technological breakthrough and  lifting equipment innovation in photovoltaic industry.


Technical advantages
Lightweight design; Taking into account both clean and explosion-proof working conditions; High degree of customization
Adopting intrinsic safety and explosion-proof components; with strong environmental adaptability and high explosion-proof level;
Variable frequency drive control; smooth and reliable operation; expanding all required intelligent hardware; strong universality;
Equipped with a dedicated dust recovery permanent magnet device; corrosion-resistant and anti-static high-quality paint coating; eliminating the adsorption of micro dust pollution.

Recent years, with kingda crane's continuous improvement of comprehensive strength in technology research and development, technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, and expansion in key engineering fields, the company has increased new products' research-development and production, such as high-precision, fully automatic, energy-saving and environmentally friendly cranes, continuously promoting enterprise to achieve high-quality development from strength to precision.


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