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2000t Gantry Crane for Shipbuilding

DATE: Sep 1st, 2023
Project Name: 2000t gantry crane services for shipbuilding, Nantong port, China
Country: China
Industry: Shipbuilding 
Crane Type: double girder gantry crane with 3 hoisting trolleys
Crane Mode: 2000t(2X500t+2X500t+600/50t) ,span=200m, lifting height=60m


In the first week of the September, in Kingda crane’s construction site, one set 2000tX200m shipbuilding gantry crane was erected successfully in Nantong port, China. This building gantry crane features single main beam, large tonnage, big span, is the biggest tonnage shipbuilding gantry lifting equipment in China, and gantry crane’s 3 sets hoisting trolley and whole crane’s traveling mechanism are manufactured by our factory.


2000t shipbuilding gantry crane was erected successfully

Relying on advanced design-manufacturing advantages and superhard product quality, 3 sets hoisting trolley and long traveling mechanism Manufactured by our factory provide hoisting driving support and bottom stable traveling.

Double rope drums-double hook upper hoisting trolley

Upper trolley is double trolley, hoisting mechanism adpots double drum-double hook synchronous structure; Trolleys run on the main girder's upper level rail , single trolley lifting capacity is 2 X 500t
Bottom hoisting trolley under the main girder adopts indepent main-Aux. rope drum structure, running on the bottom rail, with lifting capacity:600/50t
The gantry crane can fulfil single hook, double hooks synchronous hoisting, three hooks synchronous hoisting and four hooks synchronous hoisting diversified combination. This combination can servie for ship body's segmentation, assembling, turn over in the air and other kinds of constructing condition.
Basing on the requirements of  supper big lifting capacity and 200m span, this shipbuilding gantry crane's long traveling mechanism is superimposed by four level balance beams, dnd driven by a combination of 128 sets wheel blocks.

2000t X 200m shipbuilding gantry crane will service for one of China dock expansion project, it is project owner’s floating equipment production and construction main base. Shipyard expansion work is the top priority of the entire Nantong base renovation project, which has strategic significance for project owner to enhance its own strength and upgrade its service capabilities. After expansion is finished,  project owner will be able to provide more options for global customers in EPCIC general contracting service of large and ultra large floating solutions.

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