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Intelligent Manufacturing |10t +10t Fully Automatic Electro-magnet Overhead Crane

DATE: Mar 5th, 2023
Digital transformation, customized design, and green production. Recently, based on the innovative advantages of intelligent manufacturing, Kingda crane has independently developed and designed a fully automatic electro-magnet overhead crane, which has the technical advantages of high automation, strong safety and reliability, and high positioning accuracy, achieving true full automation.

Fully Automatic Electro-magnet Overhead Crane Technology Advantages:
Rigid guide pillar reduces sway, achieve precise positioning, High degree of automation control;
Onekey seamless switching; Safety design - lifting dual motor; Double guarantee for lifting safety;
Electric permanent magnet lifting spreader; Instantaneous charging-permanent magnetization; No need for power
backup system
Fully automatic mode; intelligent interaction; Realize fully automated production;
Crane  in the same bay will automatic avoidance; According to target's location, implement nearby scheduling
Multiple operating modes: ground operation, remote control operation, and far away-remote operation
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