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Green-Intelligent | Intelligent Double Girder Overhead Traveling Cranes for Baostee‘s Silicon Steel Project has Passed Expert Team A Inspection

DATE: Jun 28th, 2023
Based on the advantages of intelligent, green, and high-quality development, Kingda crane has been practicing high-quality strategy to assist Baosteel in achieving green manufacturing on its dedicated production line for silicon steel products with an annual production capacity of 80000 tons.


From June 26th to 28th, a  A-inspection experts team formed by Baosteel inspected the crane products for "Baosteel Silicon Steel Product Structure Optimization Project ". Strict quality control, good equipment operation, Kingda crane meets all the technical agreement and A-inspection outline standards of intelligent double girder overhead traveling crane, successfully passed the expert A-inspection.

Intelligent double girder overhead traveling crane intelligent features
   Partial crane adopts unmanned control;
    Equipped with wireless positioning and tracking system;
    All speed are controlled by frequency converter;
    Energy saving and high-efficient;
The project team carefully reviewed various materials of the crane and found that each inspection item met the requirements of the A-inspection outline. The A-inspection experts highly praised the Kingda crane's quality control system and product quality inspection results
Kingda major project office organized relevant personnel, such as process department, technical department, quality assurance department and production department to cooperate with the A inspection, strictly controlling the details, and achieving a complete success in the A inspection work for  intelligent double girder overhead traveling crane.
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