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4 Sets 32t Intelligent Grab Cranes for Blast Furnace Slag Service for China-Chiji Steelmaking Plant

DATE: Apr 26th, 2023

Recently, Kingda crane designed and manufactured more than 59 sets verious kinds of high quality crane for China Chji steel-making plant. Among them, 4 sets 32t intelligent grab cranes for blast furnace slag service for the construction of 2060m3 blast furnace, providing intelligent equipment support for the transformation and upgrading of the project.

Intelligent Grab Crane for Blast Furnace SlagTechnology Advantages:
FollowIing to the trend of green development, this intelligent grab crane is based on the customer's strategic requirements
for capacity replacement, especially customizing and researching for project's conditions.
Equipped with intelligent integrated systems, such as PLC control system, positioning system, and sway reduce system, it has precise positioning andhigh efficient operation.
Intelligent grab crane for blast furnace slag adopts wide box girder-heavy duty structure, high fatigue resistance, and can cope with high temperature, high humidity, and high fog environments.
In highly foggy environments with extremely low visibility, combined with an intelligent perception system, intelligent grab crane can achieve various operations, such as automatic material grabbing, placement, and transportation. 
No on-site operation is required, crane's on-site management is carried out through a remote scheduling management system, greatly reducing the workload of workers.


In recent years, Kingda crane have continuously increased their research and development efforts in intelligent, green, and lightweight cranes, and a large number of high-quality cranes have been applied to key engineering fields, such as steel smelting, aerospace, shipbuilding, and petrochemical industry. This joint venture with Chiji Iron and Steel plant to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and to jointly build a 10 million ton metallurgical new material (steel) base, not only demonstrates the innovative and creative strength of Kingda crane, but also lays a solid foundation for deep cooperation in technology innovation and other aspects between the two sides.

--Intelligent grab crane for blast furnace slag

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