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50t+50t Intelligent Tongs Crane for Slab and Billet Handling

DATE: Aug 15th, 2022
Intelligence    innovation 
Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry
Recently, designed and manufactured by Kingda crane, 50t+50t intelligent tongs crane for slab and billet handling for the Rizhao Iron and Steel Group is put into use officially. This crane:
Adopt  electrically adjustable positioning slab/billet tongs as lifting appliance
Equipped with various monitoring, sensing systems, digital speed control systems, and automation control technologies
Make new breakthroughs in the field of innovation, press the accelerator button for steel production, achieve both capacity of production and efficiency, and become a powerful assistant for steelmaking!

intelligent tongs crane for slab and billet handling
Product advantages:
Due to high temperature and thermal radiation in the working environment, hot slab/billet temperature can reach over 650 . The crane is designed with a large number of high-strength materials to improve its service life. The use of digital speed control system and guiding device ensures stable operation and accurate positioning of the crane.
Apply various monitoring and sensing systems  to crane, such as PLC control, weighing system, fault display and positioning device, providing basic conditions for automation control upgrades in the future.
While improving performance, from a humanized perspective, a multi-dimensional maintenance-free design has been added to minimize the workload of maintenance personnel.

The successful operation of this intelligent tongs crane for slab and billet handling caters to the trend of crane development towarding large tonnage, large span, high speed, and automation, adding shining performance to our company's product line.
Seeking Development Together  
Cooperation and win-win situation

The strong alliance between Kingda crane and Rizhao Iron and Steel, not only increasingly highlights the Kingda crane's  strong innovation and creativity capabilities, but also contributes to driving the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry  once again. In the future, Kingda crane will continue to contribute to China's industrial development with the spirit of passion, innovation, and responsibility, using "Made in China 2025" as the starting point!

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