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More Than 30 Sets of Metallurgy Crane and Electro-Magnet Crane Have Been Delivered to Ma An Steel

DATE: Dec 22nd, 2022
“Thanks Ma An steel -China choices Kingda  200t  metallurgy foundry crane and  electro-magnet crane with rotating beam, thanks Ma An steel-China choices kingda magnet crane with rotating beam......." Kingda intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing achieves elaborate works. Behind every thank you, it is not only the core concept of "cultivating the awareness of high-quality products and creating intelligent manufacturing" that Kingda crane has always practiced, but also is  the high recognition of company's product quality from  Ma An steel. 


▲ Crane equipment are loaded on the truck and ready to ship to the construction site
More than 30 sets of various metallurgy crane and electro-magnet crane with rotating beam have been delivered to Ma An steel one after another, becoming a deep cooperation between our company and many enterprises under Baowu Group, such as Meigang, Shaogang, Zhanjiang Steel, Baosteel Desheng, Baowu Aluminum, etc. Once again, with "excellent product quality, advanced intelligent manufacturing capabilities, and perfect service-quality", we have assisted Baowu Masteel in building a 3.2 million ton special steel project , creating a globally leading base for high-quality special steel products.


▲  construction site 

Concentrate on "quality" and win with quality. As the largest (up) and down rotating bridge magnet crane in China currently, it has high manufacturing accuracy, good stability, and strong practicality. The electro-magnet  crane with rotating beam can achieve 360 ° free rotation, is widely used in key projects such as steel mills and shipyards.

▲  construction site 
The new special steel project of Baowu Masteel is under construction and production currently. Our company will work together with Baowu Masteel to deepen multi-level cooperation in various aspects and continuously provide high-quality crane products and services.
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