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Kingda Crane Services for Iron and Steel Plant with Metallurgy Crane

DATE: Jun 23rd, 2023
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Based on the advantages of intelligent, green, and high-quality development, Kingda crane has implemented a high-quality strategy to assist Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group in achieving transformation and upgrading.


Recently, in kingda metallurgy crane for iron and steel plant workshop, at crane production and manufacturing site, the A inspection expert team braved high temperatures and scorching heat, striving for excellence and strictly controlling quality, conducted acceptance inspection on the crane for Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group project. Through on-site inspection of various parameters of the crane and reviewing relevant records of the crane, it was found that each inspection item met the requirements of A inspection and passed the expert A inspection smoothly.



This batch of metallurgy crane for iron and steel plant is applied to the key transformation and upgrading projects of Shanxi Iron and Steel Group. Kingda crane has undertaken 16 sets of crane equipment for this project, with the following technical advantages:
1. The lifting mechanism adopts a stator voltage regulation and speed regulation system, and a communication interface is reserved. Cross travel and long travel adopt variable frequency speed control to increase lifting smoothness;
2.   Equipped with PLC control and touch screen monitoring system, precise positioning, intuitive and controllable faults, improving system safety and reliability;
3.  Configure a high-performance speed control system. With "green, environmentally friendly, and intelligent" as the core design concept, redundant designs are added to facilitate intelligent upgrades in the later stage.


Facing strict requirements from customers regarding the performance design, quality process, and operational accuracy to crane equipment, Kingda crane adheres to the concept of "cultivating a sense of excellence and creating high-quality intelligent manufacturing". With a customer-centric approach and relying on its own industrial chain clustering advantages, it implements full process quality control from high-quality supporting parts to complete machines, fully ensuring the production and manufacturing of metallurgical crane products, achieving timely delivery, and receiving high recognition from customers.


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