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Metallurgy Crane Solution
Metallurgical Industry needs massive crane with various functions to meet requirement of production process, covering plant’s every process flow: raw material yard, blast furnace, converter, Ladle furnace, continuous casting, steel rolling mill and finished product warehouse.
There are
♦  Ferrous metallurgy crane
Ladle crane/casting crane
Charging crane
Slab tong crane
Magnet crane with suspension balancing beam
Coke dry quenching (CDQ)
coke pot (Bucket/tank) handling crane
♦   Nonferrous metallurgy crane
Anode baking furnace multifunctional crane
Electrolytic aluminum multifunctional crane (PTM)
Anode carbon block stacking crane (ASC)
Electrolytic multifunctional copper crane
♦  Hot Working crane
Forging crane
Quenching Crane
Secured material handling process
♦   Ladle crane services for metallurgy industry, there are double girder and four girder ladle cranes, working location is in blast furnace, converter and ladle furnace. Steel making needs protection from heat and dust, and the working class usually is heavy duty, working class up to A7 or A8.

♦   Casting crane is other name of ladle crane, we can also call them: molten metal handling double/four girders overhead travelling crane, or steel production EOT crane.
General double girder overhead crane, electric hoist and steel coils/steel roll crane, are used in plant's all working location, mainly for equipment installation and maintenance, for example sintering, continuous casting production line, blast furnace top, material yard and converter top.
Fully automated cranes demand high availability
♦   Electromagnet overhead crane is one of important lifting equipment in metal and steel factory, for material charging and transporting finished product. For example: Electromagnetic crane with suspension beam, electromagnetic crane with slewing trolley. Electric magnet crane is mainly used for scrap steel handling, converter material feeding. Those cranes usually work in high temperature, heavy duty class and need battery backup when power off, working class up to A6 or A7.

♦   Grab crane is used for bulk material transportation, swirl well and steel scrap, main function is material handling or grab residue/slag
Canes on duty
1. Raw material handling yard
Gantry grab crane
Single and double girder overhead crane 
Electric hoist 
Grab gantry crane
2. Sintering
Equipment maintenance crane
Product transportation crane 
3. Ironmaking and steelingmaking
Ladle crane for hot metal /liquid iron transportation 
Electric hoist for equipment installation and maintenance 
Overhead crane on blast top for equipment maintenance

related crane
Specific cranes
for specific needs
Many industries require unique cranes tailored for their processes. With lifting capacities of up to several hundred tons, Kingda crane custom cranes can be optimized to your precise lifting needs. As your needs change, your cranes can be adjusted for different uses throughout their entire life cycles.
designed lifting solutions
We work with you closely to customize each crane case-by-case, to make sure that each lifting solution is the right one for each lifting task. Every industry requires something different. Steel manufacturing needs protection from heat and dust. Fuel and energy production often require specialized grabs. The automotive industry uses special cranes for coil handling, stamping, and assembly. Mining and primary metal processing often occur in special environments, with special requirements for cranes. Tailored cranes often use our standard products, but in unique ways. We also design new elements as needed. All parts are fully tested to ensure safety and reliability. Contact Kingda crane today to learn more about how our custom cranes suit your lifting needs.
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