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Waste-to-Energy & Biomass Solution
Kingda crane provides waste to energy crane and biomass crane for your business. please connect with us directly if you have any question on crane.
Secured material handling process
Crane play a crucial role in modern incineration plants, where tight environmental management guideline are applied. It is important that continuous materials handling system has maximum efficiency and uptime from the arrival of the waste, to separation, and to incineration. If the crane stop, the whole process is in danger. The kay factors, when specifying waste-to-energy cranes, are the total total burning capacity of the incinerators, the layout of the handling area, type of waste, and the time it takes to received and process the waste.
Typically, there are two waste handling cranes above the waste-pit, one of which is a backup. The primary crane undertakes the main operating functions whilst the other is being serviced.
Fully automated cranes demand high availability
The biomass fuel plants produce both steam for the central heating and electricity. The most typical fuel types are shredded wood-based materials and peat.
Normally only one unmanned fully automated crane without and operator’s pulpit is running above the biomass storage, moving the fuel from the reception area to the storage and continuously feeding the combustion line, when there is only one crane feeding the process, the high availability is crucial.
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Specific cranes
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Many industries require unique cranes tailored for their processes. With lifting capacities of up to several hundred tons, Kingda crane custom cranes can be optimized to your precise lifting needs. As your needs change, your cranes can be adjusted for different uses throughout their entire life cycles.
designed lifting solutions
We work with you closely to customize each crane case-by-case, to make sure that each lifting solution is the right one for each lifting task. Every industry requires something different. Steel manufacturing needs protection from heat and dust. Fuel and energy production often require specialized grabs. The automotive industry uses special cranes for coil handling, stamping, and assembly. Mining and primary metal processing often occur in special environments, with special requirements for cranes. Tailored cranes often use our standard products, but in unique ways. We also design new elements as needed. All parts are fully tested to ensure safety and reliability. Contact Kingda crane today to learn more about how our custom cranes suit your lifting needs.
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